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For The Prepared.

For the first time, an all-in-one integrated system that focuses on the operational and training needs of law enforcement.

A Complete Operations & Training Management System (OTMS)

SOC 2 Compliant​  
DOJ | CJIS Approved 
End-End Encrypted Data
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notifications & coordination

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All-in-one planning & management

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Encrypted data archive in DOJ & CJIS approved cloud servers

Law enforcement operations
are highly fluid and require
real-time coordination.

We designed Pryme to aid those tasked with performing these high-risk, heavily scrutinized, and often litigated operations - all with inadequate resources.


The Pryme Solution


The notification function distributes templated alerts and messages, stores and integrates personnel responses, and automatically attaches personnel to a corresponding operation or training event.




The planning function integrates industry standard, templated tools for generating an operations plan and coordinating resources, all to expedite and simplify real-time planning. 


The management function tracks and stores all corresponding data related to an operation in block-chain encrypted files, which can easily be retrieved for future needs.




The real-time coordination function allows all personnel to communicate and assist in the overall organization of the operation, keeping all informed and in sync. 

A resource eco-system to better manage your ops and training.


Drone Operators

Command Staff



Crisis Negotiators

K-9 Unit

Intel Analysts


Air Support


Core Functionality


Notify the team in
real-time with templated 
Core functionality includes:

Accept/Decline responses along with ETA, allowing the team leader to track personnel attendance

Hyperlink to corresponding operation or training event

Hyperlink to maps and directions, if responding to an emergency callout operation

The use of "Critical Alerts" to bypass your device's "do not disturb" modes (vibrate, silent, etc.)


Run the operation and archive all related data.
Core functionality includes:

Coordinating team member responses

Messaging team members

Uploading associated documents (i.e. intel packet, search warrants, PowerPoints, etc.)

Viewing, manipulating, and marking-up a live map of a specified location

Archiving all operational related data under a unique operations number

Saving archived data in encrypted, DOJ and CJIS approved cloud servers-not on cell phones!


Run the training event and archive all related data.

Core functionality includes:

Coordinating team member responses

Messaging team members

Uploading associated documents (i.e. training outline, after-action report, etc.)

Archiving all training-related data under a unique event number

Saving archived data in encrypted, DOJ and CJIS approved cloud servers-not on cell phones!


Manage personnel, equipment, and team related documents.

Core functionality includes:

Managing your team's roster

Updating event calendars (including upcoming operations and training events)

Saving policy/procedural related information (i.e. MOU, etc.)

Managing your team's equipment inventory from firearms and ammunition; to chemical agents and less-lethal munitions.


Pryme Functionality


Fully customizable and templated operational plan, risk assessment, and after-action report modules that include industry standard data fields and photo upload. Once finalized, the operations plan, risk assessment, and after-action report can be viewed as a neatly formatted PDF.

Dispatch computer assisted device (CAD) module for logging all operational information (i.e. radio traffic); and coordinating between teams and dispatch.

Crisis Negotiation module for logging negotiations in real-time along with a digital Situation Board.


Fully customizable and templated training outline and after-action report that includes industry standard data fields, qualification tracking, and photo upload. Once finalized, the training outline and after-action report can be viewed as a neatly formatted PDF.

Drone module that allows for viewing drone footage in real-time.

Surveillance module with an e-notepad that automatically date/time stamps surveillance notes/photos and converts to a PDF.

Created by a SWAT team leader who knows first-hand how inadequate tools hamstring teams.

"In June of 2021, I was operating as a Team Leader for a regional SWAT Team in California. In the middle of the night, I received a notification for an emergency callout operation for the apprehension of a homicide suspect. The notification, which was a text message received on both my personal and work phones, instructed all SWAT Team members (operators, snipers, breachers, crisis negotiators, dispatchers, drone operators, etc.) to contact me with their availability for the operation. 


While driving to the Command Post, I received a barrage of text messages and phone calls in an effort to coordinate the available/unavailable personnel.


Once I arrived, I ultimately began planning the high-risk operation, all while sifting through dozens of text messages, communicating with my team with real-time updates, and coordinating with outside personnel. My tools? Two phones, a notepad, and white-board. 


With the safety of over 40 law enforcement personnel contingent on the operational plan and mission coordination, I thought to myself- there has got to be a better way to do this in 2021. However, there currently wasn’t. As a result, I decided to develop an application for real-time operational planning, coordination, communication, and records management - all for tactical teams and the like."


Standardizing and organizing your team's operations and training - with professionalism.

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Plan thorough ops
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Coordinate in real-time
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Integrate and store encrypted data

User Testimonials: Real Teams. Real Results.

  • Active SWAT Commander
    “As an administration we have spent years looking for an intuitive, efficient and multifunctional operational preparedness tool to serve as the foundation for our tactical operations. Pryme Infil has not only met our needs but exceeded our expectations. The interface is seamless and it has an expansive tool base which has saved us invaluable time from point of notification through the operation and even into post event documentation. Though it was designed with tactical teams in mind we have expanded our use of the platform to other divisions such as Investigations, Traffic and Special Events planning. As a tactical commander with over 14 years of experience I can confidently say this is a premier system clearly created to address the modern operational needs of our tactical teams.”
  • Active SWAT Team Leader
    “SWAT transitioned to Pryme Infil in June of 2022. Since then, the team has used and relied on the app for all SWAT notifications, trainings and operational plan building. The Pryme Infil versatility, simplicity and structure as it relates to operational planning, training and team notifications has been phenomenal. Pryme Infil is a stream lined application designed by SWAT operators for SWAT teams. Pryme Infil is a 5 star application.”
  • Active SWAT Commander
    "During my 13 years as a SWAT Team Leader and Commander, my team searched for an “all-in-one” system to notify our personnel and document our training and operational efforts. I found Pryme Infil while teaching a course for tactical team trainers, with one of the course components being documentation. After receiving a trial of the program, we were sold. You will not find a program on the market that is as comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure as Pryme Infil. We have expanded our use from just the SWAT Team to all entities in our organization that regularly conduct operations.”
  • Active SWAT Team Leader
    “The application benefits our scheduling for specialties. The application made it convenient and easy to schedule trainings for long rifle training, rope access training, and division scheduling. Division members were able to respond and RSVP accordingly. We achieved mock swat call notifications which I believe would be beneficial at all hours of the day. The system would be much more reliable and convenient compared to the notification system, scheduling, and documentation we currently use.”
  • Active SWAT Team Leader
    “I recently used the Pryme Infil tactical app, and it exceeded my expectations. This app is a game-changer for tactical operations. The interface makes it easy to navigate and access information on the go. I would recommend this app to all other SWAT teams.”
  • Active SWAT Commander
    "I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement of Pryme Infil after extensive use within our SWAT team. This invaluable tool has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency, providing a seamless platform for notifications, secure communication, and integrated video feeds. Pryme Infil has revolutionized our team's coordination by offering a centralized hub for communication, ensuring swift and secure exchanges across the team’s different units. This feature has allowed commanders and team leaders the ability to see real-time updates from our crisis negotiators and to make decisions with the most current information. I commend the developers of Pryme Infil for creating a comprehensive solution that meets the unique needs of modern tactical teams. Its reliability and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable asset in our mission to uphold public safety.”
  • Active SWAT Team Leader
    “Pryme Infil has successfully streamlined all aspects for tactical operations in one convenient, easy to use application. From training, to mission planning and even after-action reporting, Pryme thought of everything. I highly recommend this application to all tactical teams.”
  • Active SWAT Team Leader
    “The Enforcement Division was looking for a new platform to replace its existing SWAT call system. We started using Pyrme in September of 2023. We have used it on six training days, one SWAT callout, and 12 search warrants. Pryme It is exactly what we were looking for. We look forward to using the other features it has available.”


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